What to Expect

Services are referred to as the "Divine Service" because they are God's (Divine) service to us. While the term "worship" often leads one to assume it is something we do, Lutheran services are the opposite. God pours out His gifts of grace, forgiveness, hope and salvation through Word and Sacrament and we can't help but respond in prayer and praise! This is great news! The focus isn't on what we "should" do, the energy we bring to worship, if we're "feeling on fire" or not etc. God gives. We receive. Period.
~ Read more about what we believe HERE.

Sunday Morning Divine Service - 10:30am

This service is mostly traditional. However, usually on the second Sunday of the month, we have a contemporary service, with our music ensemble leading the congregation. In addition, on the first and third Sundays of each month Holy Communion is celebrated during the service.

Saturday Evening Service - 6:00pm (Saturday Services are temporarily on hold.)

This service is fully contemporary, and is celebrated with Holy Communion. Here, we gather around God's Word and Sacrament, just as in our Sunday Service, but in a more intimate setting and with contemporary songs of prayer and praise. Currently this service meets once a month (see Calendar). 

Holy Communion: Visitors who are not members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod are asked to speak with the Pastor before communing at our altar. We believe that in the Sacrament, the true body and the true blood of our Savior Jesus are present, and are received by all who take communion with us, through faith. Holy Communion is also a public confession of our unity of faith and doctrine. Therefore, it is important that we know your faith background before you commune.

- The members and visitors of Pilgrim dress mostly casual, and are from the greater Burton area. 

- Parking is easy and our entire facility is handicap accessible.

- Since our congregation was founded in 1968, we still maintain a number of charter members, as well as many families who have been with our congregation for 30-40 years. 

Parents and Families:

  • Sunday School: Children in kindergarten - 6th grade begin the service in the sanctuary with the adults, and then, about 15 minutes into the service, they are dismissed for Sunday School. We have an Early Communion program in our congregation, whereby we train and then commune children in the fourth grade and above. Children return to the service at the time that the Lord's Supper is celebrated, so that they can participate in the Sacrament with their families.
  • Nursery: Available during services for parents of children birth-preschool age who may need a break or quiet moment during services.
(Note: Due to Covid-19, Sunday School is on pause and the nursery is temporarily closed.)

We invite families to make use of our Kids' Pew Bags!

Bags are designed to help keep little hands busy and hearts/minds on the Word of God! 

  • Bags are color coded by age group. Pink and green are for preschool-third grade. Orange and yellow are for fourth-sixth grade.
  • We also have a selection of board books for toddlers.
  • Children's Bulletins help kids follow along with the service, noting words they may not understand, hymns they sang, what they learned in the sermon, and more.
  • Kids in the Divine Service sheets help families learn together about what they see and hear in the service. Why is the Pastor wearing that robe? What do the colors on the altar mean? And what does Agnus Dei mean?? We encourage families to read these sheets before/after the service and follow the prompts at the bottom of the sheet to learn more together about how everything in the Divine Service has meaning!

* Kids' Pew Bags are located in the church Narthex opposite the main entrance. Children keep papers/stickers and return other materials after the service.